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Do Workplace Wellness Programs Work
By Mark Taylor
From Chicago Tribune on Tuesday, July 19, 2016
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LuAnn Heinen, a vice president of corporate wellness initiatives for the Washington-based National Business Group on Health, said the ACA allowed employers to offer 30 percent of the value of their benefits in incentives.

Heinen said large employers are evolving toward a "well-being approach" that includes "various engagement strategies, technologies, and behavior modification. Sophisticated companies are thinking beyond physical health to issues of emotional and mental health, financial security, social connectedness and job satisfaction. The well-being approach is more personalized."

Helen Darling, former president of the NBGH and the current acting president of the National Quality Forum, said corporate wellness has become a corporate mission.

"For decades, our country's public health leaders urged us to embrace population health as a national goal. Now, ironically, corporate executives are talking about population health," Darling said. "Wellness programs will always cost money. But if carefully designed and targeted at people who cost employers money, they can be effective."