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What else is to blame for higher health care costs next year but — you guessed it — expensive drugs
By Emma Court
From MarketWatch on Tuesday, September 27, 2016
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And a familiar culprit is to blame, according to a new survey carried out by the large employer association, National Business Group on Health.

“The employer plan is picking up the bulk of the tab” for those medications, said Steve Wojcik, NBGH vice president of public policy. But “you’re going to be paying more as well.”

A large majority of companies, 80%, said this year that the pricey drugs were one of the top three factors driving up costs, the NBGH survey, which was conducted between May and June, found.

Measures targeting specialty medication costs will likely accompany increasing costs elsewhere, including an about 5% increase in premiums for large employer plans, Wojcik said.

While that figure is “pretty consistent with the last several years,” he said, “it’s still a big deal. It’s much greater than the overall growth in the economy and certainly larger than growth in wages.”