Understanding your WISCORE®

Upon completion of the Wellness Impact Scorecard, you will be presented with your WISCORE® – your total score out of 200 possible points. Your WISCORE® helps you understand how well your company is doing compared to the best practice standards presented in the Scorecard. A higher score indicates you are well on your way to having a comprehensive program with proven results. A lower score indicates that your company may have more opportunities to strengthen your wellness efforts or outcomes.

The table below highlights the total point points by section that an employer can achieve. Please note: WISCORE® was designed to be comprehensive and include all best practices within the area of health improvement. As a result, it is very difficult for companies to achieve a score of 200.

LevelSectionTotal Score
Level 1: Strategy and Tactics60
  Part A: Strategy 15
  Part B: Tactics 30
  Part C: Engagement 15
Level 2: Participation30
Level 3: Impact on Workforce110
  Part A: Healthy Behaviors 50
  Part B: Outcomes 60

When you receive your WISCORE® and the accompanying reports, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate your program against best-in-class practices;
  • Benchmark your score against other users of the Scorecard.
  • Assess your overall efforts over time; and/or
  • Compare one unit of your workforce against another.

For more information about average user results, please see the 2012/2013 WISCORE® Report: Measuring the Impact of Wellness on Workforce Health.

To learn more about the methodology behind the development of the tool, click Methodology.

To download a list of all of the measures used as part of the Scorecard, click Getting Started with the Scorecard.