About the Scorecard

WISCORE®, the Wellness Impact Scorecard, is a free tool available from the National Business Group on Health to help employers like you objectively and quantitatively assess the value of their wellness programs and initiatives. Developed in 2009, WISCORE® helps employers:

  • Identify the appropriate data elements to determine the impact of their wellness efforts;
  • Evaluate their overall wellness strategy and tactics;
  • Quantify program impact; and
  • Benchmark with their peers.

WISCORE®, is unique from other Scorecards in two key ways. First, WISCORE® has a strong emphasis on results. It does not just evaluate employers on program data elements, but instead helps companies measure the true impact of their efforts and assess trends over time. Second, WISCORE® advances wellness program evaluation from counting health risks to measuring healthy behaviors.

The Scorecard asks a series of questions about the wellness initiatives that your company currently offers, as well as the results you are achieving. Specifically, WISCORE® metrics are categorized into three distinct levels:

  • Level 1: Strategy and Tactics: The first level evaluates the company‚Äôs overall wellness strategy, as well as the program and engagement tactics implemented to promote healthy lifestyles.
  • Level 2: Participation: This section captures employee participation in health improvement programs.
  • Level 3: Impact on Workforce: The last level quantifies the impact that an employer has had on employee behaviors, health outcomes and cost over time.

Based on the information submitted, you will receive a total score — Your WISCORE®, as well as a number of customized reports that highlight the strengths and areas of opportunity within your programs. These reports also provide data to allow you to compare your results with other users of the Scorecard.

Before you begin, please review the checklist of information and data you will need to complete the Scorecard.

Checklist: Getting Started with the Scorecard