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The Case for Honoring Caregivers During the Pandemic and Beyond

In 2017, 88% of large employers made a bold prediction that caregiving would become an increasingly important issue in the next five years, and they were right. Read More


World AIDS Day

December 1 is World AIDS Day. Read More


Global Benefits Challenge: Maximizing Productivity with Limited Resources

How do global benefits leaders effectively manage health, well-being and benefits across multiple countries? Read More


In Pursuit of Equity and Well-being

At Workforce Strategy 2020, we discovered key insights to Reimagine Work & Well-being. Read More


Communicating About Mental Health: World Suicide Prevention Day and World Mental Health Day

Mental health is likely a key focus area for your company, especially as COVID-19 continues to upend life as we know it. Read More


How to Think Like a Futurist

What would someone who gets paid to forecast future trends have to say about the potential to foresee a global pandemic with all its ramifications? Read More


Transitioning from the COVID-19 Telework Experiment to the Future of Work

COVID-19 put telework to the test. And now, with their eyes on the future, many employers are considering how to transition to a sustainable work-from-home strategy. Read More


COVID-19 Exposed Social Determinants: Now What?

The COVID-19 pandemic unmasked the impact of social determinants of health across the globe. Read More


When the Loneliness Epidemic meets a Global Pandemic…What Happens to Work?

As we wait to turn the page on COVID-19, it’s becoming increasingly clear that whether we thrive or languish depends significantly on the quality of the social connections we’re able to nurture. Read More


Is Your Anti-Stigma Campaign Designed for Impact? Increase Efficacy Using Evidence

It’s no secret that stigma is a barrier to employee engagement in benefits and programs to treat mental health conditions and substance use disorders. Read More

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