Employer-to-Employer Sharing: GLP-1s

Apr 12, 2023   |  
Zoom   |  

GLP-1s – medications used to treat diabetes and obesity – have been making headlines since they were approved for weight loss for a variety of reasons: their efficacy, celebrity endorsements and their high price tag. As a result, many employers are experiencing numerous challenges related to their use in the U.S. and elsewhere, including appropriate prescribing, drug shortages and cost management.

On this call, employers will discuss their experiences with GLP-1s, including if and how they are providing coverage for GLP-1s for the treatment of obesity, ways they are working with their vendor partners to ensure GLP-1 prescribing and utilization is consistent with FDA and other governmental guidelines, considerations for the future, and tips for their peers.


Pamela Rich, Vice President, Business Group on Health
Magda Rusinowski, Vice President, Business Group on Health

This call is only open to Business Group employer members- individuals working at Business Group member companies who have solely internal facing corporate HR, employee benefits, well-being or corporate medical roles.

Location & Time

April 12, 10:00 a.m. - April 12, 11:00 a.m. E.T.