First Look at Changes to Large Employer Health Care Strategies and Benefits Programs: 2022 Survey Findings

Aug 25, 2021   |  
Webinar   |  

Despite the uncertainty and frenzy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, employers are making meaningful changes to their strategies and benefits programs. Many are also revisiting long-standing programs to weigh their relevance during the pandemic and beyond. This webinar will provide a first look at the findings of the Business Group’s 2022 Large Employers’ Health Care Strategy and Plan Design Survey including:

  • Employer perspectives on health care, including concerns about potential declines in employee health as a result of the pandemic;
  • Ways employers are addressing health equity within health plans and health care;
  • Trends in health care delivery, with a focus on primary care, virtual health and on-site services;
  • Where health care cost projections came in for 2020 and what’s ahead for 2021/2022; and
  • Top changes employers are making to their benefits and plans in 2022.

Location & Time

August 25, 02:00 p.m. - August 25, 03:00 p.m. E.T.


    • Ellen Kelsay, President and CEO, Business Group on Health
    • Brenna Shebel, Vice President, Business Group on Health

Duration 60 Minutes