Photo of Katie Archer
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Katie Archer
The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.
Photo of Joel Axler
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Joel Axler, MD
Behavioral Health Leader, SBA
Brown & Brown
Photo of Kevin Dedner
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Kevin Dedner
Founder and CEO
Photo of Maria Dee
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Maria Dee
Executive Director, Workforce Well-being, National Human Resources
Kaiser Permanente
Photo of Greg Harris
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Gregory Harris, MD
Senior Medical Director, Behavioral Health
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
Photo of Nzinga Harrison
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Nzinga Harrison, MD
Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder
Eleanor Health
Photo of LuAnn Heinen
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LuAnn Heinen
Vice President
Business Group on Health
Photo of Rachael McCann
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Rachael McCann
Senior Director, H&B DEI North American Leader
Willis Towers Watson
Photo of Dylan Landers-Nelson
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Dylan Landers-Nelson
Business Group on Health
Photo of Bronwyn Ott
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Bronwyn Ott
Well-being, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Leader
Photo of Victoria Pavlov
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Victoria Pavlov
Vice President, Global Benefits, People Team
Photo of Jennifer Posa
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Jennifer Posa, PhD
Global Head, Employee Mental Well-being & Workplace Effectiveness
Johnson & Johnson
Photo of Kami Reuter
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Kami Reuter
Well-being Manager
CNO Financial Group
Photo of Pamela Rich
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Pamela Rich
Business Group on Health
Photo of Amit Sood
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Amit Sood, MD
Executive Director
Global Center for Resiliency and Well-being
Photo of Daryl Tol
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Daryl Tol
Executive Vice President
One Mind
Photo of Ian Tong
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Ian Tong, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Included Health