Forging Ahead with Telehealth: Quality, Access and Equity

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October 12, 2020

What do telehealth, social determinants of health and preventive care have in common? For better or for worse, all have been thrust into the national spotlight due to the coronavirus pandemic. And they share this attention for good reason, as each has the potential to enable better health. In this episode of the Business Group on Health podcast, we speak with Peggy O’Kane about these topics through the lens of “better health” through “better health care”, including why telehealth, social determinants and preventive care are on her radar screen and why it’s important to focus on them through the lens of quality, access and equity.


Peggy O'Kane | President, National Committee for Quality Assurance

Ellen Kelsay | President & CEO, Business Group on Health

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Duration 25 min

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