How Are Employers Tackling Musculoskeletal Health? The US Foods Story

feb 28, 2018       

Musculoskeletal health (MSK) is a leading cost driver for employers, accounting for $1 of every $6 of health care dollars nationally. This trend will continue to grow, driven by orthopedic procedures like knee replacements, which are often done unnecessarily and can result in a lengthy healing process for employees.

Join us for on February 28 for a webinar featuring US Foods’ three-pronged approach to addressing musculoskeletal care, including:

  • Prevention through ergonomics and digital programs;
  • Treatment decision-support through e.g. a second opinion program; and
  • High-quality/low cost provider selection if surgery is necessary.

US Foods’ outcomes to-date for all of these approaches will be summarized, focusing in particular on the digital prevention program they implemented.


Hassan Azar, JD MBA MHA | SVP Total Rewards and HR Technology, US Foods

Gabriel Mecklenburg | MPhil MSc, Head of Care Pathways, Hinge Health




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