Strengthening Body and Mind Through Immune Resilience

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July 06, 2020

If we’re at war with COVID-19 at a personal and societal level, what’s our best defense? Without a vaccine or herd immunity, how can we improve our odds that the virus leaves us unscathed? The answer may lie in how we nurture our minds and bodies. In this episode of the Business Group on Health podcast, we sit down with Dr. Amit Sood, one of the world’s leading experts on resilience and well-being, to discuss how each of us can improve our body’s defense system through “immune resilience.”

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Dr. Amit Sood | Author of books on mindfulness and resiliency including Build Your Immune Resilience, Mayo Clinic Handbook for Happiness and Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress Free Living

LuAnn Heinen | Vice President, Business Group on Health

Duration 34 min

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