Disruption is the New Normal

Four years ago this month, the Business Group launched its Health Innovations Forum (HIF) to identify new solutions entering the employer market.

Four years ago this month, the Business Group launched its Health Innovations Forum (HIF) to identify new solutions entering the employer market. Since then, HIF has received over 200 applications from startups looking for a chance to present to the Forum’s 35 employers and venture capitalist and consultant partners. Seventy have made it through to present to the Forum, with most resulting in relationships with Forum and Business Group members. 

With the entry of these startups, disruption has become the new normal. Employers are not waiting for the health care system to change. Instead, they’re looking for opportunities to meet the needs of today’s on-demand consumer through superior access, convenience and outcomes.   

New technology solutions are allowing telemedicine to be conducted via discreet text messages with a doctor (or an AI companion). More care is becoming virtual, breaking down barriers to oft-needed, yet often skipped care, including physical therapy and behavioral health counseling. Remote monitoring is quickly becoming the norm for reinforcing healthy behaviors, such as physical activity and adequate sleep, as well as for diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions. 

To support employers as they embrace change, throughout the month of April, we will be sharing the HIF learnings to date through a series of Innovation Insights. This series will identify many innovations that are gaining traction in the health care market. Let’s call it Innovation Month!

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