The Business Group leads initiatives to address the most relevant health care issues facing employers today and enables human resource and benefit leaders to learn, share and leverage best practices from the most progressive companies.
A range of tools and services for HR, benefits and well-being teams
We’re focused on addressing health care issues facing employers today with our 440 members:
Authoritative reports, research findings, and policy updates to drive your health, benefits and global workforce strategy
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45 years
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The Business Group is forward-
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Tracey Stephens, VP Global Benefits, Dell Technologies

Resources to help accelerate the adoption of effective innovations
Eight Top Tips for Sustaining Corporate Well-being Programs Globally

Evidence-Based Approaches to Diabetes Prevention

Annual Dues $10,500
Large employers who are not primarily in the health care or employee benefits business as described under Health Industry Partner.
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Health Industry Partner
Annual Dues $18,000
Companies in the health care and benefits business including Health Plans, Health Systems, Health Insurers, Pharmaceutical Companies, Hospitals, Benefits Consultants and similar organizations.
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