Workforce Strategy

Lowering costs
Improve Strategy
Improve your organizational strategy by learning the latest in advancing health and well-being, with this year’s special emphasis on mental health.
Network and Learn
Reconnect with your peers and expand your professional network by participating in online networking opportunities.
Tackle Issues
Develop concrete skills to tackle current industry issues in expert-led workshops.

Community of global experts, experienced practitioners and HR visionaries

Innovative Themes and Industry Leading Speakers
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  • Parneet Pal
  • Leslie Barber
  • James Hamblin
  • Garen Staglin
  • Allison Green
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Where you’ll learn, connect and be inspired

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View the schedule for Workforce Strategy 2020.

Workforce Strategy is a compilation of individuals and companies all with a vested interest in networking about best in class well-being efforts that’ll impact your organization’s bottom line, with time built- in during the event to focus on your own personal well-being journey via exercise and healthy food offerings.

Pam Price, Senior Director, Benefits, Darden

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