2020 Year in Review

Our Year in Review provides a snapshot of the many ways our team and employer and industry partner members collaborated and led through this most challenging year.

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Control Costs
Better manage your health benefit programs so you can offer your employees the very best – and keep your company’s health care costs under control.
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Connect with other Business Group on Health members to learn what is and isn’t working for them, then apply that to your own health and benefits strategy.
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Access to data, surveys, research, and policy information means solutions are always within reach and compliance is easier than ever.

No organization brings together
employers, thought leaders and industry
stakeholders to address leading
trends, drive innovation and industry
transformation like the Business Group.

Adam Stavisky, SVP US Benefits, Walmart

Resources for COVID-19
COVID-19: The Role of the Employer

Return-to-Workplace Employer Guide

As the World Anticipates a COVID-19 Vaccine, What Should Employers Be Considering?

Telework & Well-being Integration: Advantages, Challenges & Tips

Benchmarking Discussion: COVID-19 Employer Response and Planning - January 28th

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