The Flipped Workplace: Revolutionize Work & Well-being through Flexibility

August 20, 2019

August 20, 2019             

Join the Business Group’s next Mind Stretch webinar. These sessions are designed to bring you thought-provoking ideas with fast paced talks and a brief Q&A.

The world is changing. Employees are stressed, and they’ve identified a solution: 96% of U.S. professionals say they need flexibility.

This Mind Stretch webinar features Allison Baum, a Venture Capitalist with a passion for thinking big about the future of work. She will share how infusing flexibility in work can drive innovation and boost employee health and well-being.

Join us to learn how to flip your workplace on its head and optimize employee health and productivity.


Allison Baum | Principal, Trinity Ventures

Duration 60 min

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